High Shutter Camera Captures Amazing Bass String Images

December 20, 2013

One look at traditional sheet music allows most to conclude that the upright bass is often treated as an orchestral pulse. With this comes the series of associations that the bass is an instrument intended for monotony, consistency and stability. Or to put it more simply: a lack of dynamism. This video, however, calls all of that into question. With strings more surreal than straight, the upright bass is seen in a new light.

A Stunning Time Lapse Of The Grand Canyon

December 18, 2013

At the end of November, something particularly strange transpired within the cavernous depths of the Grand Canyon. Cool air rose from the canyon bottom, met warm air a ways up, and created a thick layer of fog from top to bottom. The process is known as inversion, and it’s absolutely mind blowing to watch.

China’s Digital Landscape

December 14, 2013

Despite–or perhaps even because–of governmental censorship of the internet, China’s digital landscape is vast, abundant and growing. So much so that Tencent, a host site for everything from gaming to messaging, is the third largest internet entity in the world. What’s more, it has no Western counterpart.

The History Of Activism

December 12, 2013

Times might seem pretty dire right now, but the good–and bad–news is that the problems we face are often cyclical. To understand and improve upon the challenges of the present, perhaps we should look to the past.

How Technology Makes Us iDiots

December 10, 2013

With so much information readily available–and literally at our fingertips–it would be reasonable to assume that we’d be one of the most learned generations in recent memory. As empirical evidence might suggest, though, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Barcelona-based design studio Big Lazy Robot highlights this paradox, poking fun at our intellectual decline at the height of technological innovation.

The Science Of Baking Cookies

December 8, 2013

As the holidays approach, many of us will spend significantly more time in the kitchen–either creating or consuming the colorful carbohydrates seen above. Why not feed your brain with a bit of an understanding of the chemistry behind the cookie?