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The Electronic Afterlife

We are part of a world that lives for The Next Big Thing. So what happens when our Next Big Things get a bit old, dirty or broken? We throw them out, or recycle them, for others to deal with. In this video, filmmaker Alex Gorosh follows his electronic junk and sees the real costs of sating our desires.

Learn more about the people who handle our e-waste here.

What Does Sound “Look” Like?

When we think of musical form, most of us stop and start at sheet music, clefs and notes. But what about what physical vibrations? That’s where cymatics–or the study of visible sound co-vibration–comes in. Varying rhythms and pitches help create unique works of “art”. It’s absolutely mesmerizing.

7 Depictions Of Depression In Film That Are Actually Accurate

Clinical depression is a misunderstood affliction, and one whose understanding is seldom aided by popular media. This is unfortunate in its own right, but especially because major depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in America. The National Institute for Mental Health reported that16 million people over age 18 “had at least one major depressive episode in [2012].”

That’s 6.9% of adults. Chances are that you either know someone who has struggled with depression or you have had episodes yourself at one point or another. Depression is strange; in some people, it can appear and stick around for several months, then seemingly vanish, never to be seen again. Others have chronic depression and need constant, sometimes lifelong treatment, which at this time usually consists of medications and/or talk therapy.

Movies don’t always succeed when it comes to acting out mental illness. This is a list of films that actually did it right. To set the scene, the video above presents a startling depiction of a real-life young woman’s fight with depression, among other mental disorders.

The Hours

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One Morning In Italy

Ever look at those bizarre photos of people posing next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and wonder what they might be thinking? With the help of this video, you now know.

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