Meet Jim Withers, Street Doctor

January 28, 2014

Channeling St. Francis in his pursuits–stripping yourself of the material to become like the individuals you wish to serve–Dr. Jim Withers has used the streets as his medical practice “office” for over 20 years now. Scanning Pittsburgh’s streets five nights a week–and often dressed as a homeless person himself so as not to frighten others around him–Withers has since made house calls to over 25,000 homeless. In that time, his idea has spread to over 85 communities across five continents.

The Astonishing Highs And Lows Of New Zealand

January 26, 2014

Given its ever-changing (yet ever-lush) landscapes, it’s no surprise that New Zealand is home to some of the world’s most successful outdoor enterprises and large scale film productions. Videographers spent three weeks traversing the island’s terrains to produce this stunning work.

The 46 Second Steve Jobs Video Of That Will Change Your Life

January 24, 2014

Stories are mixed about the late Apple CEO’s public and private personas. Regardless of your take on Steve Jobs, his message in the video above is definitely worth remembering.

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Beat Boxing In Slow Motion

January 22, 2014

From India’s bol to China’s kouji, vocal percussion has been for centuries around the world. None, however, has become quite as mainstream as hip hop beat boxing. The jury is out on its antecedents–some speculate that beat boxing is an evolved form of scat singing–but watching it in slow motion is a great reminder of how fascinating–and bizarre–the activity is.

The Science Behind Hangovers–And Which Liquors To Avoid

January 20, 2014

The hangover: as frustrating as paying rent made worse because you can’t throw money at your landlord to make it go away. Discovery News’ Anthony Carboni delves into veisalgia (the hangover’s technical term), its causes, and why darker liquors tend to exacerbate them. Hint: it’s the congeners.

Stunning Full Moon Silhouettes Over New Zealand

January 18, 2014

These lunar visions are astounding in their own right, but are made even more so when you discover that the filmmaker hasn’t digitally manipulated them at all.