Your Brain On MDMA

Two million MDMA pills are smuggled into the US every day. Somehow we doubt that every person who uses the drug knows what sort of chemical reactions lead one to believe that…

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Why You Should Thank Power-Hungry Catholics For Halloween

Most modern festivities are the result of a decades-long process of borrowing (which is not always a peaceful process), and Halloween is no exception. Had it not been for the Catholics wanting to stamp out any Celtic spiritual influence, you might have to search for other reasons to eat and drink in excess at the end of every October.

Snowboarders Tear Through The Japanese Mountainside

Watch as these snowboarders test out their new equipment on the peaks of Japan’s Hokkaido mountains.

How Quickly Your Burger “Ages”

If at any point in your life you’ve had internet access, you’re sure to have encountered the spurious claim that fast food burgers are so filled with preservatives that they won’t decompose. But is that true?

The Student Debt Crisis As Explained By An Artist

In the face of a slowly recovering economy, average US student loan debt weighed in at around $29,400 as of 2013. Add to that un-and underemployment rates hovering at 8.5 and 16.8% respectively, and the fact that students cannot declare bankruptcy to have their loans forgiven, and the picture gets pretty grim pretty quickly. In light of this, Paloma Izquierdo has taken to film to describe how most millennials respond to such bleak prospects. If it reminds you of the story of Sisyphus, you’re understanding her point.

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