Meet Mr. Toilet

40 percent of the world’s population (that’s over two billion people) still lack access to simple toilets, which poses a major problem for solving poverty and reducing the incidence of disease. But given its perceived “grossness”, we don’t really like to talk about it. Businessman-turned-sanitation hero Jack Sim addresses the smelly elephant in the room in this fascinating short.

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The Parkour Guide To Gaza

Earlier this year graffiti artist Banksy recommended that people visit Gaza. Of course, Banksy’s Gaza is quite different from Gaza as experienced by those who actually live there. Thus they, with the help of The Guardian, take us on a tour of the tiny, packed and largely devastated area, unpacking the political and economic issues Gaza residents deal with every day. And of course, they do so through parkour and to the sounds of Shadia Mansour, Palestine’s biggest female hip-hop artist.

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