What We Love This Week, Volume LXXVIII

August 15, 2014
Robin Williams

Source: Parade

Remembering Robin Williams

Millions around the world–yes, even jihadists–mourned the loss of Robin Williams this week when he made the decision to end his life. While Williams is no longer with us in the physical form, he leaves behind a comedic legacy that can be enjoyed through video for the ages. The guys at Mashable have compiled a list of Williams’ most memorable moments, from his electrifying first appearance on the Tonight Show to his touching monologues as English teacher John Keating in “Dead Poets Society”.

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Daredevil Skaters Swap The Halfpipe For…NYC Subways?

August 13, 2014

Pending how often you use New York City subways, these guys are either incredibly brave or endlessly annoying. We don’t normally like dichotomies, but with public transportation systems as crowded as New York’s, there’s no room for grey.

5 Of The Most Interesting YouTube Channels

August 12, 2014
Interesting YouTube Channels

Source: Xbox

YouTube is a vast ocean of cat videos and borderline-pornographic footage of teen girls dancing alone in their rooms when they’re supposed to be doing algebra homework. It’s as if every human being who’s privileged enough to have Internet access has uploaded whatever random thoughts they have to the service.

There are some gems to be found, however. Whether it’s one person gifting us all with sheer force of personality or a team effort aimed at elevating the online discourse somewhat above the level it’s been at since non-scientists were first allowed to use it, some channels stand out as diamonds in the (very) rough. Here are five of the best.

Weird Al Yankovic Spares Us Nothing

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A Brilliant Animation On How Technology Affects Our Relationships

August 11, 2014

As social media continues to dominate our free time (and can lead to the unemployment of those who don’t practice enough discretion with it), its respective platforms present themselves more and more persuasively as viable realities into which we might escape when our daily lives get to be a little…much. The effects of this switch are simultaneously pernicious and unknown, and our generation is really the test dummy. Check out Erica Rotberg’s fantastic animated short on the issue.

Check out more of our content that explains our addiction to social media as well as how said addiction promotes the “seven deadly sins”.

Watch As Cocoa Farmers From The Ivory Coast Try Chocolate For The First Time

August 9, 2014

A true testament to just how far the gap can be between labor and the goods it produces, these Ivory Coast farmers have spent the majority of their lives tending cocoa and have yet to taste chocolate.

People at Metropolis TV have made their way to these farmers, talking to them about their work and giving them chocolate for the first time. The result is quite humbling.

ISIS, Iraq And Syria Explained

August 8, 2014

Don’t really understand what’s going on in Iraq or why Barack Obama has authorized strategic air strikes in Iraq? Get some of your basic questions answered with this helpful video, and then educate yourself on how Iraq was formed at The National Post. The problem is much larger than a single jihadist group.