One Day In India

With a population of 1.22 billion people and a birthrate which will likely make it the world’s largest country (in terms of population) in 40 years, many around the world have their eyes fixed on what’s happening in India today. Condensing weeks of travel into this three-minute short, the Perennial Plate provides you with a taste.

On Death And Grieving In The Digital Age

At a time when news, relationships and stories are shared and made “real” more quickly than ever, how does the grieving process–one that isn’t rapid and generally private–factor into the equation? 72U dives into this question in this thoughtful, powerful documentary.

The Darkest Truth About Love

You will never find the right person. You are irredeemably alone. There is something wrong with you. And with everyone else. These are some of the truths presented in this lovely short by Hannah Jacobs and Lara Lee. The question is, knowing this, how do we act?

Our Disappearing Glaciers, Seen Through Designers’ Eyes

If it weren’t for the startling implications, James Balog and Jeanne Gang’s short film on our disappearing glaciers would be rather…soothing. But given the fact that these images didn’t come out of a design studio, and that they are emblematic of an increasingly warm world, the footage of glacial retreat is more than a bit troubling. To learn more of the science behind warming temperatures, check out our post.

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