Russell Brand Lets Loose On Designer’s Unsavory History

September 21, 2013

Alienating the world one cutting quip at a time, Russell Brand took the time to tear into designer Hugo Boss’s ties with the Nazis…at an event sponsored in part by Hugo Boss. Enjoy.

Meet The World’s Fastest Shark

September 19, 2013

No, 60 isn’t a number representing the amount of teeth this shark has in one row; it’s the staggering amount of miles it can swim in one hour. Meet the mako shark.

Diana Nyad’s Inspiring 111-Mile Swim

September 17, 2013

Becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys without a shark cage, the 64-year-old journalist, motivational speaker and now world-record holder offers some incredibly inspiring words on pursuing your dreams.

When “First World Problems” Enter The “Third World”

September 15, 2013

Welcome to Ghana, where every day workers inhale lead, flame retardants, dioxides and other toxins as they sift through the heaps of electronic waste exported here from industrious countries. It’s illegal, of course, but that doesn’t hinder any activity. The home of many children is referred to as a digital dumping ground, and on the occasions that they might want to play outside, they run the risk of inhibiting the development of their brains, as well as their reproductive and nervous system.

An Amazing Resonance Experiment

September 9, 2013

What happens when you place salt on a metal stand and attach that to a sound system playing multiple tones? As the tone’s pitch increases, the vibrations cause the salt to form more complicated geometric patterns. Pretty neat.

Getting To Know Antarctica

September 7, 2013

This seventh continent is about to get a lot more interesting to you all.