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The Clash’s Joe Strummer On Intellectualism

If lofty intellectualism is good for anything besides confusing others, why–in spite of growing numbers of experts–do we see continued famine, war and violence? A new form of intelligence, so says Strummer, needs to be tapped into, and one that you cannot gain in a university setting.

Joey Shanks Recreates The Cinematic Magic Of Space While On A Budget

As the magic of special effects becomes more impossible with every sci-fi movie that hits Hollywood theaters, filmmakers are thick in the race to the bottom, boldly venturing where no one’s gone before in an attempt to find new ways to bring the cosmos to the masses. One YouTube pioneer has done just that–but in a much more bank account friendly manner. Shanks FX, AKA Joey Shanks, is a 30-year-old filmmaker from North Carolina who is constantly coming up with new ways to recreate the movie magic of space, but with some rather terrestrial bits and bobs from around the home.

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Last Photos Of San Francisco

While smart phones obviously lack veins and a pulse, over the past several years they have quickly become a vital appendage of ourselves and our connections with others. One filmmaker takes to the Golden Gate city to examine the life nestled within the chips and wires, and the results are as touching as they are bizarre.

How Lighting Transforms Your Face

Proof that lighting matters: we counted what appeared to be over ten different people in one two-minute video, with each face presenting itself to us based on the light’s direction and intensity.

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