What Happens When People Try Their First Burger

While its origins are contentious, today’s hamburger is essentially an American gustatory institution. Watch what happens when burger virgins are introduced to the classic sandwich.

Klemens Torggler, Reinventing the Door

Somehow eluding the inevitable process of creative destruction throughout its millennia-old existence, Austrian designer Klemens Torggler thinks it’s time for a change. Forget tired, sliding iterations, Klemens Torggler has re-envisioned the door as created mesmerizing mechanical panels:

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The Terrifying Balloon High Line

Philippe Pettit would have a field day. Ascending miles into the sky, a troupe of adventurous acrobats has used air balloons and a high line to create the first completely movable high line. Watch as they attempt to cross it. That is, if you can stomach it.

In The Garden Of The Thai Dragon

Utilizing footage taken from Bangkok, Pai, Mae Hong Son and the Thailand/Myanmar border region, Justin Heaney recreates the volatile and visceral experience that is a trip to Thailand for viewers the world over.

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