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Beat Boxing In Slow Motion

From India’s bol to China’s kouji, vocal percussion has been for centuries around the world. None, however, has become quite as mainstream as hip hop beat boxing. The jury is out on its antecedents–some speculate that beat boxing is an evolved form of scat singing–but watching it in slow motion is a great reminder of how fascinating–and bizarre–the activity is.

Stunning Full Moon Silhouettes Over New Zealand

These lunar visions are astounding in their own right, but are made even more so when you discover that the filmmaker hasn’t digitally manipulated them at all.

How Sugar Affects Your Brain

In this fascinating (and short) TED Talk, research neuroscientist Dr. Nicole Avena guides us through the crazy ways sugar interacts not only with our waistlines but our brains.

A 100-Riff History Of Rock N’ Roll

Beginning with Chet Akins’ signature Nashville picking style and ending with the avant-garde industrial shredding a la St. Vincent, this history of rock music will leave your head spinning. Oh, and this was shot in one take.

For those interested in the featured selections, the full list can be seen below:

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