Visit 30 Stunning European Countries In Just Under 4 Minutes

Taken over the course of two years, one Taiwanese family canvassed the Old Continent with two cameras. 200,000 images and 20 terabytes of data later, they made this video.

The Scariest Things To Come Out Of Russia

Scariest Things From Russia: Dash Camera Recordings

The convergence of regular insurance fraud and traffic police who shake down motorists for bribes has motivated many Russians to equip their cars with dashboard cameras. While they’re intended to help drivers defend themselves against crooked cops and suspicious insurers, these cameras have captured some of the most insane footage that’s ever gone public:

There’s an entire genre of these videos from Russia on YouTube, and each one is a 30-second-long study in white-knuckled terror. What’s more, since the cameras are so widely used, quite a few crashes are caught from multiple angles:

There are also some uniquely Russian incidents caught on tape:

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The 7 Best Commencement Speeches Of The Century

A poignant, well-spoken commencement speech is more than just a college afterthought. In fact, these speeches offer educators of all types one final chance to sway and nudge their students toward success. The best commencement speeches focus not on praising graduates’ professional and academic achievements, but on managing the road forward and leading an all-around fulfilling life.

Here are the seven best commencement speeches from the past 100 years:

David Foster Wallace, Kenyon College, 2005

American writer David Foster Wallace delivered an incredible and incredibly moving commencement speech on May 21, 2005. In fact, many would claim that “This is Water” is the best commencement speech ever given. Here, Wallace acknowledges life’s inevitable drudgeries, all while advocating fiercely for a liberal arts education.

David Foster Wallace "This is Water"

Source: Urban Times

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9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About “Pulp Fiction”

This might be old news for all of you Tarantino nerds. But for the rest of us, this trivia is pretty fascinating.

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