Introducing e-David, The World’s First Robot Painter

August 18, 2013

The completed portrait is a rich and intimate study of a man’s unique vision, his materials, and his inevitably flawed execution of outwardly conveying that internal vision to others. In short, it documents the human condition. But what if that act can be perfected through technology? Is it art, or is it science? Or both? Utilizing visual feedback and optimization, along with five different brushes and repository of 24 colors, robot painting machine e-David creates original works of art with an artist’s touch–not his hand. The results are aesthetically stunning and easily pass as a human production, but is it truly artwork?

Life, As Defined By Over 150 Film Classics

August 16, 2013

We turn to the silver screen for escape, meaning and diversion. In the process, the films we choose to see–and those that are made and draw critical success–explain much in the way of the human condition. Narrated by Orson Welles, here’s Cinema’s take on the human life cycle.

A Series Of Breathtaking Zero-Gravity Experiences

August 14, 2013

Jumping off a Norwegian cliff standing an imposing 6,000 feet above ground might seem like a death sentence to you, but to many adventurers the world over it’s an opportunity to taste–albeit briefly–life without gravity.

Mirror City’s Kaleidoscopic Views

August 12, 2013

In Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot”, he remarks frequently on what an alien might glean about humans if it were to visit Earth. Sagan thought that one of the alien’s most salient take aways would be our obsession with geometry and symmetry. In “Mirror City,” a time-lapse of the United States’ greatest cities from Chicago to San Diego, the creator takes that obsession to a kaleidoscopic and entrancing new level.

What The Internet Does To Your Mind

August 10, 2013

For a more long-form approach to the pernicious effects of the internet on your mind, check out our own article here. But if you don’t have the time or focus needed (thanks, Internet), be sure to watch the informative video above.

One Woman Saved The Lives Of 100,000 Displaced Persons

August 8, 2013

Following the 1988 collapse of the Somalian government, Dr. Hawa Abdi took it upon herself to provide refuge for the increasing amounts of people seeking sanctuary from the devastating amount of fighting. Through the years, her one-person clinic transformed into a 400-bed hospital, and over 90,000 lives were saved.