The Age Of Insect Aviation

While only ten seconds long, this clever animated clip’s charm leaves a lasting impact.

A Newbie’s Guide To American Football

As the Superbowl approaches, don’t let your unfamiliarity with the sport impede upon your ability to enjoy the Superbowl parties. The above video should strip away much of the tackling sport’s mystery.

Meet Jim Withers, Street Doctor

Channeling St. Francis in his pursuits–stripping yourself of the material to become like the individuals you wish to serve–Dr. Jim Withers has used the streets as his medical practice “office” for over 20 years now. Scanning Pittsburgh’s streets five nights a week–and often dressed as a homeless person himself so as not to frighten others around him–Withers has since made house calls to over 25,000 homeless. In that time, his idea has spread to over 85 communities across five continents.

The Astonishing Highs And Lows Of New Zealand

Given its ever-changing (yet ever-lush) landscapes, it’s no surprise that New Zealand is home to some of the world’s most successful outdoor enterprises and large scale film productions. Videographers spent three weeks traversing the island’s terrains to produce this stunning work.

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