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Video Of The Day: Graffiti In 1970s NYC

Featured above, Norman Mailer’s 1976 short documentary, “Watching My Name Go By,” provides viewers with an inside look at New York City’s 1970s graffiti art scene. We are not only introduced to a few of the local artists, but the people who passionately opposed them and attempted to permanently wipe their work off the streets.

Mailer’s film does a beautiful job of reminding us that graffiti art was not only an outlet for rebellious street artists; it provided the kids with a “sense of identification” in a world where they felt voiceless.

These Men Risk Their Lives While Distributing Craft Beer

Due to volume restrictions, producing, transporting, distributing and selling craft beer in Venezuela is considered illegal. Join the Seeker Network as they follow the multiple risk-taking parties of the craft beer supply chain – and maybe appreciate your own microbrew a little more.

Street Animation Offers A Stunning Take On The Beginning And End Of Life

Science gives us a pretty good idea of how life begins, but how might that translate to art? Utilizing buildings, streets and waterways, BLU offers one such translation in the above video, “Big Bang Big Boom.” You’ll want to watch this one through ’til the end: the videographers offer a pretty chilling vision of how life as we know it might end.

Tiramisu Has Never Looked This Good

Warning: this footage contains material that may cause you to abandon your diet.

In Italian, the word tiramisu means “lift me up.” But when said lifting only comes after a careful combination several egg yolks, lady fingers, sugar, heavy cream, coffee, alcohol and mascarpone, that sense of lightness won’t last for long.

If you love the “uplifting” dessert but can’t stomach its thickening effects – or maybe you just want to pay tribute to the treat in a different way – Carte Noire‘s video of a pistachio tiramisu being made is just for you.

If that hasn’t satisfied your sweet tooth, see how the Internet’s trendiest cookie – the macaron – is made.

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