We’re All Addicted To The Internet: Here’s Its History

The Internet has become a cultural mainstay bordering on absolute necessity for billions of people. But how much do we actually know about its history? Munich, Germany-based graphic designer Melih Bilgil gives us the basics in this fascinating animated documentary.

How A Book Is Born

Book sales are booming, but the classic book (you know, the one with physical pages made out of paper) is quickly becoming an object of nostalgia. If you’ve ever wanted to know…

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Prague On Christmas Night

The Czech capital and Bohemian cultural hub is beautiful every day of the year, but especially so during the winter holidays. That’s not to say that Prague and, more broadly, the Czech Republic are very religious, though. The country has a deeply Christian history (and some troubling incidents of anti-semitism), but religiosity has been on the decline since the second half of the 20th century. Today, only 13.9% of those from the Czech Republic consider themselves to be religious, with Catholics comprising the majority of believers.

This Stunning Short About Sri Lanka Was Shot With A Smart Phone

Sorry, but you no longer have an excuse to create mediocre videos with your phone. Shot with a two and a half year old Nokia, travelogue warmeye takes us through the South Asian country’s lush flora, fauna and culture in just over two minutes. Caught the travel bug yet?

Gentrification As Explained By Birds

Real life is never as beautiful as art, and that adage remains to be the case in animator Alberto Mielgo‘s latest short, entitled “Gentrifcation”. Watch as birds breathe new life into a city, and what said life brings with it.

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