Watch This Couple Travel 60 Years Into The Future

Using the power of makeup, a couple travels 60 years into the future.

In this tearjerker, a soon-to-be-wed couple takes a seat in the makeup chair. They’re not prepping for their wedding, but rather the rest of their lives– using stage makeup and prosthetics, a team of artists showed what the happy couple would look like as they aged. It’s pretty emotional– the couple gets a “preview” of their lives as 40-year-old parents, 60-year-old retirees, and an elderly man and woman having spent their whole lives together. The whole experiment ends with much emotional crying and vow-writing. It’s sappy and wonderful.

Source: Field Day

Diving With Millions Of Jellyfish

Diving with jellyfish in Palau, an island in Micronesia.

One particular quirk about isolated islands is that the animals that live there often don’t have any natural predators. That’s what makes the island of Palau in the western Pacific so intriguing, and what makes this video possible– the swarms of jellyfish surrounding this diver are completely harmless. They do have stingers, but the poison, never having been tested by natural predation, is too weak to cause any pain or damage.

The Best One-Armed Saves In Film

The best one-armed saves in film.

It was made famous by the scene in Cliffhanger, but the “one-armed save” has been an enduring trope in film for years. It’s a recipe for great drama: put your main character at one edge of a dangerously high precipice, put their love interest/sidekick/honorable nemesis at the other. Have that main character save the other to earn a massive sigh of relief and catharsis from the audience. The above video is a lovely assemblage of 101 of these exciting movie moments.

Assembled by Lucky Treehouse.

Totally Free, A Short Documentary On Roller Skates

Roller skaters in San Francisco describe their passion for skating.

Shot by Daniel Soares, this short series of interviews gives us a look into the lives of the roller skaters at a San Francisco part. These skating aficionados describe their passion for roller skates and how, in no uncertain terms, skating saved their lives.

Source: Daniel Soares

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