Totally Free, A Short Documentary On Roller Skates

Roller skaters in San Francisco describe their passion for skating.

Shot by Daniel Soares, this short series of interviews gives us a look into the lives of the roller skaters at a San Francisco part. These skating aficionados describe their passion for roller skates and how, in no uncertain terms, skating saved their lives.

Source: Daniel Soares

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The Moped Diaries, A Short Film

The Moped Diaries, a short film about youth, movement, and growth.

This short film by shows a young boy whose world suddenly becomes larger when a bridge is added to connect his island to the mainland. With it comes change, separation, and movement– he has to decide whether or not to stay home a boy or to venture out into the world as a man.

Source: Lucky Treehouse Productions

Russian Daredevils Take The Shenzhen Tower In China

Climbing one of the tallest structures in the world. Source: On The Roofs

In Shenzhen, China stands one of the tallest structures in the world– the tower atop the yet-unfinished Shenzhen Financial Center. A pair of Ukranian and Russian daredevils have taken to climbing it, to a height of 2,165 feet (660 meters), in this hair-raising, beautiful video.

Source: Vadim Makhorov & Vitaliy Raskalov

MC Escher And The Genius Of The Droste Effect

Parque de las Ciencias, Spain.

The Droste effect is also known as mise en abyme, or more simply, “a picture within a picture”. A series of nested, precisely drawn images give the appearance that the artwork goes on into infinity. This mind-bending video dissembles one of MC Escher’s works, displaying the artist’s mastery of this trippy effect in incredibly minute detail.

Assembled by Parque de las Ciencias.

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