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Memories Of Tokyo During Cherry Blossom Season

From director Miguel Santana:

“A cinematic journey through Japan’s capital during full cherry blossom season.

Filmed across a week in April, portraying the many faces of Tokyo – from bustling business streets to cosplay districts, urban girl-bands, robots & trains, peaceful parks, shrines and temples, where cherry blossoms fall like snow.

With thanks to the beautiful people of Tokyo. We’ll be back.”

The Life And Death Of An iPhone

Statistics service Statista reports that in 2012, over 44.3 million smartphone users in the United States used an Apple iPhone. To get an idea of how huge that number is, imagine nearly every person in Ukraine right now, and then picture them holding an iPhone.

Clearly the Apple product is an indispensable part of millions of Americans’ lives, but just how does it come into being? What does its “life” look like?

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On Being Transgender In The U.S. Military

For 27-year-old US soldier Logan Ireland, home–or the place where he feels most free to be himself–is Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Ireland is one of approximately 15,500 transgendered people serving in the US military, however current policy prohibits them from serving “openly.” In spite of Ireland’s steadfast service (indistinguishable from his heterosexual and cisgendered peers), if he is open about one of the most fundamental aspects of his being, he risks being discharged from the military.

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100 Years Of Russian Beauty In Under Two Minutes

Russia saw a number of political and economic transformations and transitions throughout the 20th century, from the fall of the Romanov Empire in 1917 to the beginning of Perestroika and Glasnost in the 1980s, or the reform movements and policies meant to open up the then-USSR to new forms of political and economic thought.

So just how did these shifts manifest themselves within the Russian populace? One way to gain an understanding of that is by assessing Russia’s shifting understandings of beauty. The folks at Cut Video have done just that, using model Anya Zaytseva as their canvas.

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