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Video Of The Day: Watch A Serial Rapist’s Response To Justice Being Served

When a jury announced that Daniel Holtzclaw would spend up to 236 years in jail this Thursday, Holtzclaw dropped his head and broke out into a loud cry. The nation cheered.

Holtzclaw formerly served as a police officer in Oklahoma City, during which time he was accused of raping 13 black women over a period of seven months. His victims ranged from 17 to 57 years old. Of the 36 charges, jurors found Holtzclaw guilty of 18 — including rape, sexual assault, sexual battery and forced sodomy.

That Holtzclaw’s actions even made it into the courtroom surprised many, including the victims themselves. “I didn’t think anyone would believe me,” one woman testified. “I’m a black female.”

That Holtzclaw was found guilty also surprised some: an all-white jury of eight men and four women presided over the case, deliberating for 45 hours before finding Holtzclaw guilty.

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Video Of The Day: The World’s Unlikeliest Astronaut Shows Us What It’s Like To Be In Space

How does it feel to be in space?

So very few people can actually answer that question. And even those who can answer it probably can’t truly convey a satisfying answer to the rest of us–surely, the experience is, in a word, indescribable.

It’s fitting, then, that perhaps the best, most vivid description of being in space (the stunningly animated video above) should come from the world’s unlikeliest astronaut–the astronaut most like the rest of us.

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Video Of The Day: 15 Years Of Terror

See the chilling terrorism timeline of the last 15 years as an animated map.

Efforts to combat terrorism were ratcheted up further than ever after the attacks in Paris last month, predictably resulting in actions like renewed airstrikes and reformatted immigration policies. But terrorism isn’t a new problem, and it’s not only a problem for the Western world – it’s been an increasingly large problem for most of the world year after year. A video by Milan Vuckovic, a German freelance graphic designer, shows the global scale of terrorism.

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New Documentary Highlights Growing Criminalization Of The U.S. Homeless

Across the country, people are being criminalized essentially for being homeless — and in Boise, Idaho, some are fighting back.

Cooper Court Protest

Demonstrators protest the police sweep of Cooper Court
Image Source: Boise Weekly

Criminalization of homelessness has been on the rise in cities across America since early 2009. Recent studies by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty indicate that in over 187 American cities, behaviors such as public sleeping, begging, loitering, sitting or lying down, food sharing, and sleeping in vehicles have been and are being prohibited. Proponents of bans like these say they are intended to help the homeless by pushing them into shelters, while critics believe that the laws aren’t meant to improve the safety of the homeless but push them out of the city.

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