Video Of The Day: What Happens When A Military Robot Dog Meets An Actual Dog

[vid src=”” caption=”This terrier isn’t a fan of Boston Dynamics’ dog-like robot.”]

The inventors over at Boston Dynamics look like they spend just as much time playing with their robots as they do creating them.

Just one week after the company posted a video showing an employee ruthlessly taunting a humanoid robot, they released a video of their new four-legged, dog-like robot toying with a real dog. And the dog certainly does not seem amused.

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Video Of The Day: This Marble Machine Makes Magical Music

[vid src=”” caption=”Martin Molin demonstrates marble-made music on his intricate wooden machine.”]

The sound of 2,000 marbles has never been so euphoric.

Martin Molin — from the Swedish musical act Wintergatan — debuted his Marble Music Machine on YouTube last week. Since then, the world has gained a new respect for the old tradition of the humble hand-cranked wooden music box.

Molin’s machine is far more than your average music box, however. A complex series of shoots, levers, and pulleys lift and drop each marble with the precision and consistency of a well organized assembly line. The marbles then get back in position, waiting in line for their next opportunity to once again pass the checkpoints and strike a note. Vibraphone bars, the strings of a bass guitar, and various percussion instruments are hit in time by the marbles with the turn of each gear.

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Video Of The Day: See The Deep-Water Ghost Octopus That’s Confounding Scientists

[vid src=”” caption=”A new type of octopus has been found in the ocean’s depths, and scientists are confused as to exactly how to classify it.”]

Once again, we have proof that no matter how much we think we know about the Earth’s oceans, there’s always more to learn.

On February 27, researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found a ghostly looking octopus more than 2.5 miles below the surface of the ocean near Hawaii — and it’s unlike any creature that’s ever been seen before.

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