What If Wes Anderson Directed The Latest “Star Wars” Installment?

This past week the Internet clamored after witnessing a trailer for the latest Star Wars installment. Impressive enough in its own right, we can’t help but wonder just what “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” might look like if made by our favorite oddball director, Wes Anderson. Thankfully, someone answered us. Enjoy.

Why Do People Love Times Square?

It’s noisy, constantly congested and draped in generic advertisements that simultaneously make you hate consumer culture and feel inadequate. Why is Times Square such a ‘must-see’? These filmmakers try to figure it out.

7 Signature Shots Of Famous Directors

Signature Shots Anderson

Source: Policy Mic

Auteur theory makes the contentious case that a film’s creative vision and complexity can be credited to the director. Since such a theory implies that actors and other crew members working on the film are of little consequence, the theory remains hotly debated and criticized. However, as these seven signature directorial shots suggest, the argument does have its merits.

Christopher Nolan: The barrel roll.

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The Electronic Afterlife

We are part of a world that lives for The Next Big Thing. So what happens when our Next Big Things get a bit old, dirty or broken? We throw them out, or recycle them, for others to deal with. In this video, filmmaker Alex Gorosh follows his electronic junk and sees the real costs of sating our desires.

Learn more about the people who handle our e-waste here.

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