While some may perceive Iran as a country clinging to anachronisms, these buildings beg to differ.
Tehran Architecture Cityscape

Tehran at dusk Source: Flickr

While Iran has seen waves of great political reform–and to some, regression–over the past several decades, both the monarchy and the current republic have used architecture to shape and reflect Iranian identity, especially in its capital city, Tehran. Iranian architecture has a continuous history dating back to 5000 BC and is marked by its cosmic symbolism, inventiveness and geometric balance. During the Pahlavi dynasty, much of the architecture imitated European styles at the risk of losing specifically Persian identity. Since the revolution, architects have migrated toward modern designs fused with Iranian inspiration, particularly in the capital.

The same attention to detail that brought Persepolis to life can still be seen in contemporary Tehran architecture. And while some people may perceive Iran as a country clinging to anachronisms, these six buildings beg to differ. They embrace nature, bring in light and are changing the façade of the largest city in Western Asia:

The Barin Ski Resort

Barin Ski Resort

Source: Archello

Many forget that the Alborz mountains make Iran a prime ski destination, and one that caters to a pretty high-profile clientele. Located just outside of Tehran is the Barin Ski Resort, whose form was inspired by igloos.

Tehran Architecture Ski Resort
Tehran Architecture Barin Ski Resort Interior
Barin Resort Closeup
Barin Interior Lobby
Six Modern Buildings You Won’t Believe Are In Tehran
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