Ten Utterly Insane Human Records

Insane Human Records: Farthest Squirting Milk From The Eye

Eyeball Milk Squirting Picture

Ilker Yilmaz, a construction worker from Turkey, can squirt milk from his eyes up to 9 ft 2 in, which he disgustingly proved in a hotel in Istanbul in 2004.

Contortionist Who Can Fit Through A Tennis Racquet

Utterly Insane Human Records Captain Frodo Contortionist

Captain Frodo, born in Norway and living in Australia, is known as the ‘Incredible Rubberman’ for his crazy contortionist ways. Born double jointed, Captain Frodo holds the record for being able to swallow the most swards, but his real trick is his ability to squeeze head and shoulders through the head of a tennis racquet.

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