The 7 Most Terrifying Experiments Ever Conducted

For the record, the writers at All That Is Interesting are not anti-science. For every person that scientific research hurts, hundreds are saved from pain and disease.

But, sometimes, a scientific experiment is so obscenely brutal that you have to wonder if it was really worth it. Here are some of the most terrifying, manipulative experiments ever conducted in the name of science:

The Milgram Obedience Experiments

Milgram experiment actor is strapped into shock device

An actor is connected to a device that delivers “electric shocks”. Source: American Psychological Association

Are you truly an independent thinker? Do you consider yourself to be an iconoclast, living by your own standards as opposed to being guided by the signals and expectations of others? Don’t be so sure. The Milgram Obedience Experiment basically showed how much we listen to people if they’re wearing a white coat.

“The experiment requires that you continue.” That’s what participants were told by psychologist Stanley Milgram after they pushed a button that would electrically shock a “subject” in the other room.

In actuality, the “subject” was an actor, and no electricity flowed through the wires. The actor would flail, scream and beg the participant not to continue, but a researcher in a white coat would ask him to turn up the voltage, informing him that “the experiment requires that (he) continue”.

Setup of Milgram experiment

The setup of the Milgram obedience experiment: an actor in another room responds to shocks delivered by the “subject”. Source: American Psychological Association

Later, the researcher would say, “you have no other choice but to continue”. Eventually, as the voltage was “increased”, the actor would stop moving altogether.

You think you would have stopped as soon as you had caused another person pain, right? You’d be wrong65% of participants kept going even after the recipient of the shocks thrashed in agony and appeared to be stone dead.

Chris Altman
Chris Altman is a freelancing writer and artist based out of Brooklyn, NY.
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