The Astounding Beauty Of The Northern Lights

Northern Lights Picture

Of all the natural phenomena in the world, nothing compares to the enigmatic light show of the Aurora Borealis. More commonly known as the Northern Lights, the phenomenon describes the dance of color in the sky in the northern hemisphere.

Northern Lights Photograph

Strange Myths Of The Northern Lights

Over the centuries, many myths and legends have circulated about the Northern Lights. Eskimos used to believe the lights were spirits of seals, whales and caribou. The Algonquian Indians of Canada thought them to be reflections of a huge fire built by the “Great Spirit”. When the lights shone red, people of the Middle Ages thought it was a signal for impending war. And in Ancient Europe, the sight struck fear in the population who believed it signaled outbreak of death and disease.

Historically, the lights have been described as a “Dance of Spirits” or a sign of God. However, there is a very simple, logical, and, naturally, scientific, reason behind the wonder.

Aurora Borealis Photography

Beauty of the Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis Picture

High Resolution Picture Northern Lights

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