President Theodore Roosevelt was far more than a politician. Over the course of his life, he took on the roles of soldier, historian, conservationist, and world traveler, always living for grand adventures and the promotion of progressive values.

Though his stint as a Rough Rider cavalryman during the Spanish-American War and “big stick” foreign policy makes his patch of the American fabric appear hyper-masculine if not bellicose, that’s not the entire picture: Indeed, Roosevelt successfully negotiated the end of a war between Russian and Japan, which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906.

The 21 Theodore Roosevelt quotes below — on everything from politics to the importance of a person’s character — prove why this man remains an awe-inspiring figure for Americans to this day.

Roosevelt Painting
Colonel Roosevelt
Roosevelt Elephant
Roosevelt Campbell
21 Theodore Roosevelt Quotes That’ll Teach You How To Truly Live Your Life
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