Was Abraham Lincoln Our First Gay President?

It’s a persistent rumor, and one that has some basis in historical fact: Was Abraham Lincoln gay?

Gay Lincoln Gallery Color

A color portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Image Source: YouTube

Abraham Lincoln was such a pivotal figure in American history that he’s inspired a field of scholarship devoted to him alone. Serious historians with advanced degrees have spent their whole professional lives poring over the most minute details of Lincoln’s life. Few of us would fare well under that level of scrutiny, and every few years a new theory arrives that supposedly explains this or that unresolved question about the man who was arguably America’s greatest president.

Scholars have debated whether Abraham Lincoln — whose birthday is today — suffered from a host of physical ailments, whether or not he was clinically depressed, and — perhaps most intriguingly to some — if he was gay…

Richard Stockton
Richard Stockton is a freelance science and technology writer from Sacramento, California.
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