The 31 Most Ridiculous X-Rays You’ll Ever See

If you want to see images of the human body pushed to its breaking point and beyond, become a radiologist. After all, every harrowing ER trip involving bizarre objects that find their way into the body is documented in X-rays. And naturally, some of those images are pretty freaky.

Here’s a collection of the most supremely weird and funny X-ray images you’re ever likely to see:

Weird X Rays Cutlery Set
Weird X Rays Knife In Head
Weird X Rays Live Grenade
Weird X Rays Live Round
The 31 Most Ridiculous X-Rays You’ll Ever See
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Next, see even more of the weirdest X-rays. Then, see some mind-blowing X-ray art and check out what it looks like when someone does yoga as seen by an X-ray machine.

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