The World’s Weirdest Natural Places

Weirdest Natural Places: Mendenhall Ice Cave

Mendenhall Cave

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Few people actually get to see a glacier in person. Even fewer get to see a cave inside the glacier, which is typically formed by a stream of water or volcanic vents. That is what made the Mendenhall Ice Cave special. Well…that and the fact that it looked like the inside of the Fortress of Solitude.

Weirdest Natural Places Ice Cave

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Why the past tense, you ask? While Mendenhall Glacier still exists (you can’t miss it; it’s 12 miles long and just outside the Alaskan capital of Juneau), the cave is now virtually inaccessible, after suffering a major roof collapse in 2014. Because getting inside the cave was so dangerous, difficult and time consuming, Mendenhall was, despite its singular, surreal beauty, never had all that many guests.

Weirdest Natural Places Mendenhall

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Weird Nature Mendenhall Crystal

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Weird Nature Mendenhall Glacier

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