For over 30 years, extreme angler and host of River Monsters Jeremy Wade has been scouring the world to uncover the world’s weirdest river fish. Seen far less often than oceanic fish due to the murky, low visibility nature of their habitats, many of the beasts he hauls out are being caught on camera for the very first time.

Here, he talks All That Is Interesting through 15 of the weirdest river fish he’s ever caught, from 280 lb. stingrays and man-eating catfish to giant piranhas and a fish that changes sex:

Congo Tiger Fish
Giant Mottled Eel
Man-Eaters And Monsters: The 15 Weirdest Freshwater Fish Ever Caught
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For more strange underwater beasts, check out the eighth season of Animal Planet’s River Monsters, premiering April 7 at 9pm ET/PT.

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