Most of us are familiar with the faces of those who have held the office of President of the United States. Though noble and powerful, almost all of those faces have one thing in common: they’re old (not to mention male and white).

Considering that the youngest person to assume the presidency was Theodore Roosevelt at the age of 42, it’s no wonder that most of the photographs and portraits of past US Presidents lack a certain youthful glimmer. But the following 29 photos of US presidents as young men will give you a whole new perspective…

Teddy Roosevelt Young
Franklin D Roosevelt Young
Richard Nixon High School
Ronald Reagan Young
29 Images And Facts That Reveal How Cool, Handsome, And Bad Ass American Presidents Were As Young Men
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Next, check out 21 of the most shocking presidential quotes. Then, check out just how much the presidency aged Barack Obama, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

Briana Jones
Briana Jones is a freelance writer, screenwriter, and artist roaming the hot sands of the southwest. She enjoys the strange and unusual, and green tea.
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