25 Maps That Make Sense Of The World

Our world is a pretty complex place. With so many unknowns within our own counties, let alone among the billions of universes we’ve yet to discover, it’s nice to have a little explanation of our world’s many social intricacies every now and then. The Washington Post has done exactly that. Featuring 40 handy maps that help to explain all the things you always wondered about the world, here are some of their best.

25 Maps Atheism
25 Maps Attitude to US
25 Maps Attitude to Economy
25 Maps Homosexuality
25 Maps That Make Sense Of The World
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And if you enjoyed these maps that explain the world, be sure to see 30 GIFs that explain the world and our amazing collection of interesting facts!

Savannah Cox
Savannah Cox is the Managing Editor of All That Is Interesting. She holds a Master's Degree in International Relations, and works as a reporter/producer for DNAinfo.
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