33 Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Baltimore

“It was only a matter of time before Baltimore exploded,” wrote veteran Baltimore reporter and resident Michael A. Fletcher in The Washington Post just after last April’s riots over the death of Freddie Gray tore the city apart.

With racial unrest as just one problem among many — including poverty, crime, and drug addiction — Baltimore has long been among the most widely cited cases of urban blight in post-industrial America.

Thus, it’s hardly shocking that Baltimore has lost a stunning 35 percent of its population between its post-war peak and today. What remains is a city littered with deserted streets, corroded factories, and thousands upon thousands of vacant row houses that look all too fittingly like oversized tombstones:

Abandoned Baltimore Ghetto Photos
Vacants Fence
Boarded Up Vacants
Sellers Mansion
33 Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Baltimore
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John Kuroski
John Kuroski is the Assistant Editor of All That Is Interesting.
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