Forget spending months and years of research-filled days and sleepless nights coming up with the next big thing.

A happy combination of dumb luck and coincidence was all it took for these six accidental inventions:

Accidental Inventions: Champagne

Dom Perignon Monk

Leemage/UIG via Getty ImagesPierre Pérignon, aka Dom Pérignon (1639-1715), a Benedictine monk from Hautvilliers, discovered the art of making sparkling Champagne. Le Petit Journal, June 14, 1914.

According to legend, Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon was elated to find that he had messed up a bottle of wine by adding bubbles.

“Come quickly,” he supposedly said in 1693. “I am drinking the stars!”

This is probably not true. But it is a great story and earned the bottle-popping monk the honor of having one of the world’s most well-known bubbly brands.

Either way, Pérignon did make significant contributions to the world of wine by developing the first successful technique for making white wine from red grapes — a major step toward the eventual creation of champagne.

Bottles made in this manner did have the tendency to randomly explode, which is why they were originally christened “le vin du diable,” or the devil’s wine.

Accidental Inventions Champagne

Wikimedia CommonsStatue of Dom Pérignon, the monk who discovered champagne.

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