Seven Bizarre And Beautiful Natural Phenomena

Man-made miracles, move over! These beautiful natural phenomena prove that Mother Nature is the ultimate creator:

Fire Rainbow Picture

Beautiful Natural Phenomena: Fire Rainbows

The Fire Rainbow is the colloquial term for the atmospheric phenomenon, circumhorizontal arc. The rainbow occurs when the sun is more than 58 degrees above the horizon, and the light emitted passes through a cirrus clouds. Cirrus clouds, which are made up of hexagonal ice crystals, must be shaped like plates parallel to the ground for the effect to occur.

When the sun’s light enters the cloud vertically, the light leaves the ice crystal from the bottom, and the crystal bends the light to form the rainbow arc. The effect is similar to what you would witness when a light is filtered through a prism, making it a beautiful natural phenomena.

Fire Rainbow Photograph

Beautiful Natural Phenomena Fire Rainbow

Beautiful Natural Phenomena: Black Sun

Beautiful Natural Phenomena Black Sun

The Black Sun is the phenomenon in Denmark, which occurs just before sunset in spring and autumn. It describes an enormous flock of European starlings (numbering hundreds of thousands), who gather from varying corners, creating an amazing pattern in the sky, almost entirely blocking the sun.

Photograph of Black Sun

Beautiful Natural Phenomena

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