A History Of The Berlin Wall: The Rise And Fall Of The Berlin Wall

Erected in the 1960s, the Berlin Wall divided communist East Germany from the non-communist West. For 28 years, the Iron Curtain kept East Germans from fleeing to the West and the momentous occasion of its destruction signified a resounding international celebration for freedom. Here, we take a look a look at the fascinating history of the Berlin Wall:

History Of The Berlin Wall

A History Of The Berlin Wall: August 13, 1961

Rise And Fall Berlin Wall Construction

Despite previous assertions that “Nobody intends to build a wall”, Communist East German leader Walter Ulbricht does just that in the guise of forging a protection barrier against anti-fascists. East German troops are enlisted to erect the wall and work commences after midnight.

Berlin Wall Construction Photograph

August 15, 1961

History Of The Berlin Wall Conrad Schumann

East German soldier Conrad Schumann’s leap over a barbed wire section that divides the East and West provides the world with an amazing photo of the recently erected divide.

August 17, 1962

Rise And Fall Berlin Wall

Serving as one of the most enduring deaths at the wall, 18-year-old Peter Fechter is shot in the pelvis and bleeds to death while trying to escape. Since he fell on the border strip on the east side, Western authorities and other bystanders aren’t allowed to help him and instead watch him die.

History Of The Berlin Wall Peter Fechter

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