Coolest Mushrooms Favolaschia

Favolaschia calocera

While few of us are actually mycologists–or the super niche-y group of people that study fungi–mushrooms have long captivated the attention of humans, be it through their use in religious ceremonies (some ancient rock art shows what appears to be hallucinogenic mushroom use in the Sahara desert around 9,000 years ago!), childhood books–or just as a catalyst to write some truly bizarre music.

While comparatively diminutive today, there was even a time in which it was mushrooms–and we’re talking massive, 24-feet-tall and three-feet-wide mushrooms–that covered the Earth, not trees. Fast forward 350 to 420 million years, and though these ‘shrooms have shrunk substantially, they still maintain their coolness. We provide you with some of our favorites below:

Coolest Mushrooms Cyathus
Coolest Mushrooms Hydnellum
Coolest Mushrooms Deceiver
Coolest Mushrooms Leratiomyces
Colorful, Mystical And (Sometimes) Fatal: 31 Photos Of The World’s Coolest Mushrooms
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