Five New Technologies That Will Change Your Life In 10 Years

Over the last couple of decades, technology has evolved beyond belief and transformed the lives of consumers. Who in the world of the 1990s could envision the world of the present, as we become increasingly connected by a global information system that is completely integrated into our everyday lives. We take a look at the five new technologies that will change your life in the next 10 years:

New Technologies That Will Change Your Life: Brain-Controlled Computing

Brain Controlled Computing Picture

From a desktop to a laptop to a handheld phone, computing has transformed beyond recognition in the decades since it first emerged. So what will it look like in 2021? According to U.S computer expert Ray Kurzwell, the computer of the near future will be so advanced that it will be rival the intellect of humans.

He, along with other computer engineers, foresees a future in which computers will be controlled by the human mind. Recently, an Intel researcher named Dean Pomerleau alluded to these possibilities, stating, “Eventually people may be willing to be more committed… to brain implants. Imagine being able to surf the Web with the power of your thoughts”.

Luxurious Air Travel

Five New Technologies That Will Change Your Life In 10 Years

Though time travel and teleportation are still a distant pipe dream, there are several air travel innovations set to change the future of air travel. While you will probably still have to rely on old fashioned planes to get you around, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style:

Interior of Future Airplanes

New conceptual art for the Airbus envisions a future where the planes are equipped with holograms, a sunroof and see through-walls, touch-screen TVs and self-cleaning cabins.

Air Travel 3D Televisions

Future Airplane Technology Picture

New Technologies That Will Change Your Life: Hologram Video Games

New Technologies Hologram Video Games

Just last week in Tokyo, the most discussed prediction was that gaming would soon involve holograms being projected into one’s living room. Moving beyond the motion sensor technology, companies are developing a means to project virtual objects for gamers to interact with:

Sony 3D Gaming

Earlier in the year, Sony discussed these advancements, noting technologies that would project light beams to make an image float in a room. Sony even managed to have 3D images float outside and in front of television screens earlier this year and projected a hologram of a dog in a jar. More recently, Apple patented a technology that would project a 3D image and allow people to play with virtual objects in their hands which could be implemented for use in personal computers and movies.

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