4 Ways We Can Now Create Genetically Modified Humans (And Whether We Should)

The age of genetically modified humans is here. From designer babies to human mutants, here are some of the most unbelievable things we can already do–and some of the even more unnerving things we’ll soon be able to do.

Genetically Modified Humans Helix

Image Source: YouTube

We often talk about the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding DNA research, genetic engineering, and especially genetically modified humans in hypothetical terms: What if you could choose your baby’s eye color? Would you clone your dog? Would you want to know your genetic probability of developing a debilitating disease?

The thing is, hypothetical terms are no longer appropriate. We’ve long had genetically modified food, animals, even genetically modified mosquitoes. Now, it’s humans. The genetic technology “of the future” is, for the most part, here. True, we haven’t started handing out genetic report cards with the birth of each child, but the science to do so does exist. Today, whether you like it or not, we can manipulate DNA in the ways we have long imagined and feared.

Callie Stewart
Callie Stewart is a writer, graphic designer, and photographer living in New York City. She is a big fan of anthropology, music, art, the written word, a good glass of wine and The Jerk.
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