99 Interesting Facts About The World To Blow Your Mind

January 27, 2014

Satiate your curiosity for the world around us with these 99 bizarre, hilarious, and downright interesting facts:

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Interesting Facts Twister

Lifeforms Living On Your Skin

Interesting Facts About Otters

OJ Simpson As The Terminator

Leonardo Da Vincis Amazing Skill

Initials On The Moon

Interesting Facts Mimic Octopus

Fecal Matter Office Mugs

Interesting Facts Human Population

Spy Cat

Interesting Facts Global Inequality

The World's Longest Traffic Jam

Interesting Facts Dueling In Paraguay


Corpses On Mount Everest

John D Rockefeller's Net Worth

Interesting Facts Pulp Fiction

Interesting Facts Dr. Seuss

Insects Eaten During Sleep

Interesting Facts About Chess

University Of Nebraska Stadium

Russia Beer

Lion Facts

Scrooge McDuck's Net Worth


Interesting Facts About Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

Weight Of A Hummingbird

Vacant Houses And The Homeless Population In America

Interesting Facts About The 1904 Olympics

Wooly Mammoth

Soda Consumption In America

Suppressing Sneezes

Two Headed Snakes

Walk The Earth

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts The Jeep

FDA Regulations On Raisins

Jellyfish Are 95 Percent Water

Shorter In The Morning

Watch Every Video On Youtube

How Netflix Was Started

Ikea Beds Fact

Hippo's Mouth


Headless Cockroaches

Air In Metros

Tongue Is The Strongest Muscle

Guinness Book Of Records

Giraffe Tongue

Grumble Of Pugs

Gender And Lightning

Interesting Facts Pope Is A Harlem Globetrotter


Frozen Lobsters

Fortune Cookies Interesting Facts

Donald Duck Comics


Flea Jump

Tommy Lee Jones And Al Gore College Roommates

Fascinating Facts About US State Names

Facts About Sneezing

Falling Coconuts Versus Shark Attacks

Chance Of Winning The Lottery

Eye Size

Chicago Cubs World Series Fact

Elvis Presley 8th Grade Music

Coca Cola Coloring

Dust Mites And Mattresses

Countries That Don't Use The Metric System


Cows Best Friends Fact

Doctor Claimed Autism Vaccines

Dangers Of Going To Work

1881 US Presidents

Population Of Africa

Africa Before Colonial Rule

Pig Execution

Automobiles In Los Angeles Interesting Fact

Ostrich Brain Fact

Origins Of Phrase To Get Fired

Jiffy Unit Of Time

Origin Of Heroin

Polar Bear Camouflage

NFL Playing Time

Average Human Consumes Insects


Average Life Span Of Left Handed People


Baby Robins Earthworms Picture

Military Statues

Biggest Tapeworm

Mental Capacity Of Dogs

Blue Whale Fart Bubbles

Sneeze Too Hard

Louis Armstrong Lip Callouses

Longest Jellyfish


Living To 116

British Tanks And Tea

A big thanks to Mental Floss, Today I Found Out, and Wikipedia for providing the inspiration and information for this post.

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