The Haunting Of Montpelier Hill

Montpelier Hill

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Perched atop various grassy knolls near Dublin, Ireland is Montpelier Hill, one of the most haunted locales in all of Ireland’s history. Throughout its nearly three-century long existence, the home has been the subject of many hauntings and other speculated supernatural events.

The hunting lodge was originally built atop the now-famous hill by William Conolly, the speaker of the Irish House of Commons, sometime around 1725. Originally called Mount Pelier, the hill has carried a variation of this name: Montpelier Hill. Toward the beginning of the lodge’s construction, workers came across an ancient grave passage and cairn, which would aid substantially in Mount Pelier’s construction–and to some, contribute to its demise.

Eager to “recycle” these newly-found resources, workers took a large number of the cairn’s stones and re-implemented them in the lodge. Bad move. Many mark the cairn’s destruction as the beginning of Montpelier Hill’s paranormal history, as shortly after the lodge’s completion, its slate roof was blown clean off.

Some say it was simply a storm’s doing; others speculate that the devil, incensed at Conolly and co’s actions, tore it off in a moment of pure rage. Much to the devil’s chagrin–should you believe that narrative–Conolly had the roof rebuilt with arched stones, again using ones from the ancient cairn. That rebuilt roof continues to stand to this day, as do the tales of the many perceived ‘supernatural’ events that have occurred on the hill.

Montpelier Hill Archway

Source: Blogspot

William Conolly died in 1729, and in the coming years his family would lend the lodge for use to the Hell Fire Club. With roots in the 18th century, the Hell Fire Club consisted of and was founded by self-described “persons of quality”, many of whom were involved with politics or high culture. Feeling safe and sound among other so-called sophisticates, rumor has it that it was here where Ireland’s elites gathered to engage in some of the most immoral and degenerative acts known to man.

The club’s motto was “Fais ce que tu voudras”, or “Do what thou wilt”, a motto later adopted by Aleister Crowley, the infamous English occultist. And with persistent rumors about widespread drunkenness, indiscriminate orgies, black masses, devil worship, sacrifices and murder within Montpelier’s walls, it seems pretty clear that Hell Fire Club members truly took their credo to heart.

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