The pace is manic, there are seemingly a billion people crammed into a very small space, and it feels as though you are annoying each and every one of those one billion. Just going to New York is a feat in itself, but luckily Nathan Plye has created an entertaining guide so that getting around New York City is more manageable for you and it’s residents. Enjoy his animated GIF guide to surviving New York (and most other cities on the planet):

NYC GIF Guide Subway Entrances
Garbage Scent
Stay Out Of The Way
Subway Seats
Don’t Be That Guy: An Animated GIF Guide To Surviving New York (And Any Other City)
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All the GIFs above are from Nathan Pyle, who just released NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette as a book. After you enjoy the gallery above, be sure to see Johnny T's equally useful and hilarious New York City tourist tips:

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