Seven Of The World’s Most Treacherous Climbs

While pretty in postcards and from afar, always think twice before attempting to tackle these treacherous climbs:

The World’s Most Treacherous Climbs: Annapurna, Nepal

Most Treacherous Climbs Annapurna Mountain of Nepal

Ranked the tenth highest mountain in world, the icy peaks of Annapurna are the most statistically treacherous climbs in the world. Since 1950 – Annapurna’s first ascent – a total of 153 people have attempted the climb. Out of those 153, 58 have died in their effort. The summit to fatality ratio is the highest in the world.

Most Treacherous Climbs Annapurna

Annapurna Mountain Photograph

The World’s Most Treacherous Climbs: Kanchenjunga, Nepal/India

Kanchenjunga Nepal and India Photograph

Kanchenjunga is ranked the third highest peak in the world, and borders Nepal and India. The mountain is named after it’s five peaks – the name literally translates into ‘five treasures of snow’ – four of which reach above 27,000 feet. The path is pretty standard and moderately difficult until the final ascent, which is almost precisely a vertical pyramid. Regular avalanches also contribute to the heavy loss of life and insurmountable obstacles.

Treacherous Climbs of Kanchenjunga Picture

Peak of Kanchenjunga Nepal

Kanchenjunga Photograph

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