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An Aerial View Of Norway’s “Troll Wall”

Trollveggen Norway

Despite the squat visions a troll connotes, Norway’s Trollveggen couldn’t present a more different reality. The tallest vertical rock face in Europe, the Troll Wall represents the height of athletic ambition for climbers and base jumpers alike.

The Lustrous Light Of Norway

Despite science’s ever-increasing understanding of the world in which we live, there are still certain elements outside of our comprehension. One would be what this videographer describes as “The Arctic Light”, a…

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A Radiant Night Sky

A spectacular aurora borealis can be seen between the border of Norway and Russia at night. In the day, the region provides a perpetually wintry splendor. And in this video, you may witness both.

Traversing Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga Norway

This guy is taking a much-needed breather. To snap a shot like this, you’ve got to survive a nine-hour trek ascending 900 meters into the Norwegian sky.

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