The Heavenly Heights Of Venezuela’s Angel Falls

Dragon Falls Venezuela

Even nature can’t avoid politics. In recent years, Venezuelan leaders have sparred over changing the name of the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall from Angel Falls (named after the man who flew over them first) to what the indigenous people call it, “Kerepakupai Vená” (waterfall of the deepest place). Either way you slice it, though, the sights are simply divine.

A Look Down The Lower Lewis River Falls

Lower Lewis River Falls Washington

Yes, the lake may be found in Washington, an alleged entrance to the much-mythicized northwest passage whose specious existence sent two explorers on their “merry” way across the country in the early 19th century. But if you think these falls are named after one of these adventurers, Meriwether Lewis, you’d be sadly mistaken. Rather, the Lewis River received its name from Lee Lewis, a mere homesteader.

The Earth’s Natural Punch Bowl

Punch Ball Falls Oregon

Tucked away within the Columbia River Gorge are Oregon’s Punch Bowl Falls, which gets its name from the bowl shape the falling water makes when impacting the pool.

The Legendary Iguazu Falls

Iguasu Falls

Source: Air Pano

With such a stunning view, it’s no surprise that this Argentine/Brazilian gem is host to even more dramatic legend. The story goes that a god once planned to marry a beautiful woman named Naipí who, upon hearing that, fled with her mortal lover down the Iguazu River in a canoe. In a jealous fit of rage, the god is said to have sliced the river apart and thus created the waterfall. That way, so surmised the god, the two would never escape the perpetual falling sensation.

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