Slacklining In Yosemite


Differing from tightrope walking in that the wire is more like a loose, narrow trampoline, slacklining is an athletic trend that has grown considerable popularity in the past few decades.

The Six Best National Parks On The Planet

Yosemite National Park, United States

Best National Parks Yosemite

A perennial favorite, California’s Yosemite National Park provides 1,200 square miles of natural marvels. Replete with granite cliffs for rock climbers, Yosemite’s stunning waterfalls, giant sequoia groves and scenery make it one of the most visited national parks in America.

While there is never a bad time to visit, a trip in late May when the snowcapped mountains have begun to melt renders the waterfall even more awe-inspiring.

Yosemite Photograph

Best National Parks Yosemite 3

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A Perilous Hobby: Vertical Camping

Next time you’re passing by a cliff and happen to see a precariously hanging tent with campers inside, don’t be alarmed, it’s just a portable ledge (portaledge):

Vertical Camping Photograph

Portaledges — or deployable hanging tents — might seem like a thrill-seeking activity (and it can be), but the idea has actually been around since the 1950s. During this time, rock climbers began to stay overnight on the mountains they were scaling and started looking for convenient niches in the mountain side to make their bed.

Sleeping On A Mountain Ledge Picture

The first portaledges were used in Yosemite National Park and were non-collapsible cots or hammocks. Climbers would sit on a Navy surplus canvas chair and rest their heads on their dangling rucksacks.

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