Ten Utterly Insane Human Records

Think you’ve got a party trick worth boasting about? It probably couldn’t compete with these absolutely crazy and insane human records:

Insane Human Records: Longest Ear Hair

Insane Human Records Longest Ear Hair Photograph

Indian citizen, Anthony Victor, holds the record of the most ear hair. We’re not quite sure how proud one should be about this fact, but Victor has hair measuring up to 7.12 inches sprouting from the center of his outer ears.

Human Records: Furthest Eyeball Popper

Eyeball Popping

Putting Mr. Martinez from Daria to shame, American Kim Goodman can pop her eyeballs a creepy 0.47 inches beyond her eye socket. The feat was measured in Turkey in 2007.

Human Records: Longest Maggot Bath

Though beyond our comprehension why anyone would want to set this record, a British woman, Christine Martin, sat in a bath with maggots for 1 hour and 30 minutes, on what we can only assume was a crazy day in 2002.

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