“If you have an important point to make,” Winston Churchill once said, “don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver.”

Well, Churchill had the rare ability to do both, delivering everything from historic pronouncements to pithy maxims with both pile driver strength and playful wit.

While serving as prime minister and leading Britain through World War II, Churchill exercised those verbal gifts like few other statesman in history, inspiring a nation and the world beyond its borders for decades to come.

At the same time, his heroic legacy and cuddly bowler-and-bowtie image conceal a dark side that informs some of his harshest words.

You’ll find both — the light side and the dark — in the fascinating, era-defining, and ultimately surprising collection of Winston Churchill quotes below:

Top Hat
Seated With Cigar
Winston Churchill Quotes
Winston Churchill Quotes Ladies
25 Winston Churchill Quotes That Will Inspire You And 6 That Will Shock You
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Next, see Winston Churchill's priceless face on the day of the German surrender near the end of World War II. Then, read some choice words from Churchill and more in this collection of the best insults in history.

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